Dock Levers & Shelters


A hydraulic dock lever is used to adjust the level for eliminating elevation differences between the dock platform for loading and the vehicle. Another product is a dock shelter that is necessary for loading & unloading operations. The dock shelter levels the building surface with the truck and trailer truck haulage by eliminating the gap between them, therefore provides high level sealing.

Shelter Features
• Black PVC screen in 3 mm thick
• PVC screen weight: 3800 gr/m2
• Lever system with flexible spring
• Supporting aluminum construction
• Warning approach signs
• Side screen width of 700 mm
• Upper screen width of 1000 mm
• 600 mm depth

Hydraulic Dock Features
• 6 ton of dynamic load-bearing capacity
• Telescopic type and hinge type
• Mono-block diamond embossed sheet for upper platform
• Bumper wedges
• Open-position warning strips
• 380 V/50 Hz electric motor
• Safety valve in case of rapid dropdown
• Control panel for operation