Industrial Sectional Door


Used for entry/exit of materials and loading/unloading locations at factories and warehouses. It slides open to the roof, thus saving space in the area and allowing for clear usage of the area when the door is opened. The industrial door is made of steel sandwich panels and provides high-level security and energy saving. In addition, the aluminum transparent sectional door is chosen for places like showrooms as it is transparent.

It is available in motor-driven or manual modes. It operates sliding in the rail, optimally using the roof height and the space in the door upper deck. There are various ranges of rail bearing systems depending on the distance of this space. 

In places where pass of personnel is required, a passage door for personnel may be made on the moving door panels. The personnel door and the industrial door operate as an integrated part. For lighting purposes, windows of one- or two-walls and made of acrylic glass may be made on the door panels in the required lines. The door panels are of standard white color. However, it may painted by the desired color in RAL code.

In places where aesthetics and light are concern, transparent sectional doors that are made of acrylic glass and aluminum supporting profiles are manufactured.
The transparent sectional doors are particularly used by automotive industry and showroom areas for high displaying purposes. The thermoplastic black seals located between, on, sides and underneath the door panels are airproof, rain-proof, dustproof and windproof, therefor they provide high-level sealing.

Automation and safety features:  
• Pneumatic safety bar
• Safety photocell
• Safety against spring breakage
• Safety against rope rupture
• Remote control